Top 10 Most Popular Cat Memes and How They Clawed Their Way to Internet Fame


Top 10 Most Popular Cat Memes and How They Clawed Their Way to Internet Fame


Top 10 Most Popular Cat Memes and How They Clawed Their Way to Internet Fame


The internet practically runs on cats. From funny videos to adorable pictures, our feline overlords have a stranglehold on our attention. But some cats achieve a level of internet superstardom that transcends the everyday – they become meme legends.

Here's our top 10 most popular cat memes and how they clawed their way to viral fame:

1. Keyboard Cat: RIP

(2007) This OG meme features a chunky tabby heroically playing a keyboard rendition of a techno song. The short video, with its nonsensical yet strangely catchy tune, took YouTube by storm, spawning countless remixes and solidifying cats' place as internet music maestros.

2. Nyan Cat: RIP

(2011) This pop-tart-bodied cat with a rainbow trail streaking behind it became a pixelated symbol of internet weirdness. The hypnotic animation, accompanied by a high-pitched "nyan" song, was endlessly looped and shared, leaving a permanent paw print on internet history.

3. Grumpy Cat:

(2012) Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, wasn't grumpy at all, but her perpetually disgruntled expression became a hilarious meme. Her "not impressed" look resonated with millions, perfectly capturing the mood of anyone facing life's little annoyances. Grumpy Cat became a merchandising phenomenon, proving that frowns can be surprisingly profitable.

4. Success Kid:

(2007) This meme features a determined baby with a clenched fist, photoshopped next to encouraging captions about overcoming challenges. While the human child is the star, the internet couldn't resist mashing it up with pictures of cats achieving their own goals, like finally conquering that pesky feather toy.

5. Distracted Boyfriend:

(2017) This meme features a man looking longingly at another woman while his girlfriend walks beside him. The internet, never one to miss an opportunity, replaced the people with cats, creating hilarious scenarios of felines being distracted by everything from butterflies to dangling yarn.

6. Woman Yelling at Cat/Confused Kitten:

(2019) This meme combines two internet favorites: a clearly exasperated woman and a bewildered kitten seemingly oblivious to the chaos. The original pictures had nothing to do with each other, but the juxtaposition created a hilarious narrative of misunderstanding, perfectly capturing the essence of internet communication.

7. Surgeon Cat:

(2011) A cat wearing a doctor's scrubs became the internet's go-to for medical advice (of the questionable kind, of course). The meme perfectly parodied our tendency to self-diagnose on the internet, with the cat's stern expression adding a layer of humor to our hypochondriac tendencies.

8. Ceiling Cat:

(2008) This meme features a white cat peering down from a ceiling tile, often accompanied by captions judging our internet browsing habits. Ceiling Cat served as a hilarious reminder of the watchful eye of the internet, keeping us honest (or at least slightly more embarrassed) about our online activities.

9. Left Shark:

(2015) Okay, this one isn't technically a cat meme, but it deserves an honorary mention. During Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show, one of the backup dancers dressed as a shark seemed to be struggling to keep up with the choreography. The internet, in all its glory, turned this minor mishap into a meme legend, even creating a miniature Left Shark costume specifically for cats.

10. Surprised Pikachu:

(2018) This meme features a bewildered Pikachu from the Pokemon franchise with wide eyes and an open mouth. This expression perfectly captured the moment of realization when something unexpected happens. Naturally, the internet replaced Pikachu with surprised cats, creating a meme that perfectly embodied the shock and confusion we all experience from time to time.

These are just a few of the many cat memes that have taken the internet by storm. The reasons for their success are many – their relatability, humor, and often nonsensical nature perfectly capture the spirit of the online world. So next time you see a hilarious cat video or picture, remember, it might just be the next internet meme sensation!

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