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The King of Instagram and His Feline Court: Dan Bilzerian's Luxurious Cats


The King of Instagram and His Feline Court: Dan Bilzerian's Luxurious Cats


The King of Instagram and His Feline Court: Dan Bilzerian's Luxurious Cats


Dan Bilzerian...

the internet personality known for his flamboyant lifestyle of fast cars, beautiful women, and high-stakes poker games, has quite the cast of characters sharing his spotlight.

But nestled amongst the extravagance lies a softer side...

– his love for his cats, Smushball and Penelope. These feline companions have become internet celebrities in their own right, stealing hearts and racking up fans alongside their flamboyant owner.

Smushball, a fluffy Persian with mesmerizing green eyes, was the first to capture the internet's attention.

Bilzerian frequently features Smushball on his social media, lounging on plush couches in sprawling mansions, enjoying private jet rides, and even sporting custom-made, miniature cat shirts. 

Penelope, a sleek shorthaired beauty, often makes more subtle appearances, strategically placed amongst the glamour Bilzerian portrays online. But don't be fooled by her less frequent cameos – Penelope enjoys the same luxurious lifestyle as her brother.

There's no denying these cats live a life most felines can only dream of.

Bilzerian showers them with affection, evident in the countless photos and videos featuring them curled up on his lap or playfully batting at his fingers. He's even been known to take them to the vet promptly, as evidenced by the time Smushball required surgery.

However, Bilzerian's lifestyle isn't for everyone.

Some might find the constant extravagance a bit much, and the question arises: is this the best life for a cat? While Smushball and Penelope certainly appear well cared for and loved, some might argue they'd be happier with a simpler life, chasing butterflies in a backyard instead of private jet runways.

But one thing's for certain: Bilzerian's cats have become an unexpected and delightful part of his online persona. They offer a glimpse into a softer side, a man who enjoys the company of his furry companions amidst the chaos. 

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