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10 NBA Stars Who Are Crazy Cat People


10 NBA Stars Who Are Crazy Cat People


10 NBA Stars Who Are Crazy Cat People


The NBA is a world of slam dunks, three-pointers, and lightning-fast dribbling. But beyond the court, many NBA stars share a surprising secret: a deep love for feline companions!

Here are 10 NBA players who prove that even the most competitive athletes have a soft spot for purrfect friends:

1. Nikola Jokić:

The reigning NBA MVP is a force to be reckoned with on the court, but off the court, he relaxes with his adorable Maine Coon cat, Riley.

2. Brook Lopez:

This skilled center shares his life with a cat named Poup, who frequently steals the show on Lopez's social media.

3. Robin Lopez:

Brook's twin brother, Robin, is also a devoted cat dad to his feline companion, Prince Edward Zephyr.

4. Jordan Poole:

This rising star guard enjoys quality time with his two cats, Kota and Kai, who often make appearances in his playful tweets.

5. Kyle Lowry:

The veteran point guard finds companionship in his cat, Seven, who even has his own Instagram account showcasing his luxurious lifestyle.

6. Donovan Mitchell:

This dynamic shooting guard enjoys cuddles with his cat, Milo, who is known for his laid-back personality.

7. Julius Randle:

The powerful forward has a playful side, evident in his interactions with his cat, Simba, who frequently features in his Instagram stories.

8. Khris Middleton:

This consistent scorer finds joy in the company of his cat, Oliver, who often accompanies him on car rides.

9. Montrezl Harrell:

This high-energy player exhibits a softer side when spending time with his cat, Leo, who is known for his adventurous spirit.

10. Nicolas Batum:

This versatile player relaxes after games with his cat, Garfield, who frequently joins him on trips and adventures.

Beyond the Buzzer:

This glimpse into the lives of these NBA stars shows that even the most dedicated and competitive athletes can find joy and companionship in the unconditional love of a cat. It's a reminder that despite their demanding schedules and intense training, these players find solace and relaxation in the simple pleasures of being a cat parent.

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